TwinCAT 3 – eXtended Automation Runtime (XAR)

TwinCAT 3 – eXtended Automation Runtime (XAR)

Standardised modules enable open and flexible design of the TwinCAT 3 runtime. It makes an environment available in which the TwinCAT 3 modules can run. Whether the modules are PLC, NC, CNC, RC (Robotic Control) or C code-based modules (e.g. created with Matlab®/Simulink®) is irrelevant.

Modular TwinCAT 3 runtime

Modular design, openness, extendibility

Open runtime interface

  • separation of complete functionality into modules
  • use of services from system modules (e.g. real-time)
  • defined interfaces
  • extension of the runtime by own modules (e.g. bus drivers)
  • Scalability: modules can contain simple functions; complex algorithms and real-time tasks.